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"Corpus Christi has never faced a time with as many challenges, or as many opportunities as we have today. We need a mayor with vision and the strength to lead us into a bright future.”


A Leader We Can Trust

Carolyn knows that the city needs a leader who can not only ensure that the city’s basic needs are met but one who can provide the vision to move Corpus Christi into a future that will benefit all its citizens.

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As one of eight children raised by a single mom, she worked in the school cafeteria to pay for her meals.

Vision to Move Corpus Christi Forward

For over two decades Carolyn and her husband Gary, have operated a very successful energy services company based in Nueces County. They raised their family here and their kids attended school here.

It's time for truthful, honest, and ethical leadership with vision for all of Corpus Christi!

My Letter to the Corpus Christi City Council:

Why would the City of Corpus Christi get loans on a Desalination plant in the Inner Harbor without a permit? We can't afford the debt and the Inner Harbor is the wrong place for it!

Corpus Christi, TX USA – 8-24-2020: The Mayor & City Council are piling debt on us and they are about to pile even more on. $222 million more! If you think your Water Bill is expensive now... hold on to your pocketbook! There are better ways to provide drought proof and drought resistant water supply for our region. Ask yourself, why would the City want to go into $222 million of debt, take all the risk, and then operate and maintain a facility they have never run before? Did you know there are companies who have built Desalination facilities that want to spend their money, take the risk and use their expertise run it, and provide water for the City?The City of Corpus Christi issued a Request for Information (RFI) on August 15, 2018. The City got 10 responses back. Six (6) of those were for Saltwater Desalination. Of those six, four (4) offered to finance the Desalination plants themselves, saving the City from having to add more debt.The next step, as stated by the City staff and confirmed by Council members on June 11, 2019 was to issue a Request for Proposals(RFP). Did that RFP get issued? Or did the City decide to go a different direction? We will find out. I turned in a Freedom of Information Act Request to get that information. Once I get it, you will get it.

Today, 8-24-2020, Carolyn Vaughn sent a Letter to the City Council, available at for download. In that Letter, Carolyn challenges the City Council to:Start allowing public comment in person. It can be done safely.Get all of the facts on the table with a workshop and public hearing before committing to this next step of $11.4 million.And to make sure the public has the truth about the potential harm to our Bays, our Port, and our Pocketbooks.It's time we have truthful, honest and ethical leadership with vision for all of Corpus Christi.


It is very disappointing that you will not have the opportunity to

hear my vision for Corpus Christi on the KRIS Channel 6’s pre-recorded and edited Mayoral programming tonight. It turns out, that unlike the countless folks that connect with me every day, Channel 6 management couldn’t seem to find me… Here’s a news tip for KRIS Channel 6 management – try any Nueces County Commissioners meeting, my County office, my business office, email addresses, ask one of the Channel 6 anchors or reporters I talk with regularly, or your Sales Department, where I’ve been placing campaign ads.

And, while it is against the law for KRIS Channel 6 to exclude any candidates in this fashion (My attorney and I are working on that), I am more disappointed that KRIS Channel 6 would not make the effort on behalf of you – the Voters – to be have the opportunity to be as informed as you would like to be.

We can overcome this challenge. Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goals. My goal is to serve our Lord with all my heart and help keep our City from going into bankruptcy, or even worse bankrupt you with the tax revenue increases and water bill skyrocketing on us. I don’t let challenges or obstacles get to me – my faith, family, and friends give me strength and determination to be decisive and take the action that is needed to get the job done. If given the opportunity, I would have shared these points and more with you:


We have very big financial challenges ahead – over $1 Billion of new

utility commitments will skyrocket our water bills. We have all had a tough year in 2020. Of all years, this is NOT the time to raise tax property revenues on us. I believe raising rates and taxes are the last resort!


We have a diversified economy – industry, tourism, healthcare, retail –

we need to support them AND look ahead to the jobs of the future. Our family business operates all around the world. I know that having the vision to keep things going while looking ahead is vital to build a thriving city.


We must “Back the Blue” – in these challenging times, we need to come

together, find common ground and move our city forward. In 2017, I found the money, led on changing financial policies to appropriate to public safety and made the motion to add officers. I will do it again as your Mayor, regardless of who tries to takes the credit afterwards.